Video: Mark Dantonio dances in locker room after winning Big Ten

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Sunday December 08, 2013

Earlier in the week, Mark Dantonio asked why Michigan State wasn’t in the national championship picture.

The biggest storyline in the game was No. 2 Ohio State looking to reach the title game. After the Spartans won 34-24, Dantonio didn’t know the other scores around the country, but said again that the Spartans should be up there, and that he would do his part.

“I don't really know what happened today. I couldn't tell you who won, who lost. We're living in a bubble here,” he said. “But I can tell you this: We beat the No. 2 team. I don't think there's an undefeated team out there, but one. Florida State still undefeated? So there's one. We're 12‑1. Why not us? Why not us? I'll vote us No. 2. We'll start with that.”

Here’s Dantonio dancing with the Spartans in the locker room after the win.

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