Ron Burgundy to Sarkisian: 'If you need a special teams coach, I'm available.'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday December 05, 2013

Ron Burgundy co-hosted The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday, and that included an interview with Steve Sarkisian.

Will Ferrell graduated from USC and was frequently at games and practices during the Pete Carroll era, so he and Sark likely know each other. Ron Burgundy, however, does not know Sark. Here’s a transcript of the interview. (Video below)

RB: You’ve been in the coaching game a long time. I used to love when you coached back at Notre Dame in the 60s and 70s. Why did you choose USC?

SS: That was Ara Parseghian. This is Steve Sarkisian.

RB: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not familiar with who you are.

SS: It’s great to be back, I will say that. I had some great times at USC for seven years with some tremendous people, great players, some special moments that last a lifetime. To have that opportunity to be back as head coach now and to have the ability to hopefully create those memories, not only for myself, but for these players, for these coaches and fans, I couldn’t be more excited about it.

RB: Coach, the question on everyone’s mind: Will you do Delaware Wing-T or will you bring back the Wishbone?

SS: We are going to run our offense.

RB: So a lot of fullbacks? Multiple-fullback sets?

SS: At times, there could be multiple-fullback sets.

RB: Will you ever go three tight ends?

SS: Yes, there will be a time when we’re in some three-tight end sets. The beauty of our offense, Ron, is that it’s multiple and that we’ve got a lot to it. But the key to it all is we have to do it woth great tempo, with speed, with urgency, and ultimately, with execution.

Dan Patrick: Do you want celebrities like Ron on the sideline, Coach?

SS: I do. Obviously, there’s a compliance piece to it all that we’re still working through. I think that’s one of the great and unique things about USC, to have those relationships with a guy like Ron and Magic Johnson and all those types of people that are here in LA and make this place unique and special. We’re going to continue to forge those relationships, not only with celebrity-types, but with all of the great Trojans that have played here, because that’s what makes this place special and unique, and we have to lean on that.

DP: Ron is not a big fan of Will Ferrell.

RB: I don’t care for him.

DP: Will is a big USC supporter. It could be an awkward situation there if Ron and Will show up on the sideline.

RB: Coach, if you need a special teams coach, I’m available.

SS: What’s your specialty on special teams?

RB: Mostly punt formations and kickoff returns.

SS: Do you like the shield punt formation?

RB: I don’t like the shield. I like to tell guys to just run backwards as fast as you can, and scream like children.

SS: OK. I’ll look into it. I’ll get you an interview, Ron.

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