Cam Cameron lays out his plan as the LSU offensive coordinator

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Friday February 15, 2013

Cam Cameron (52) was introduced as the LSU offensive coordinator on Friday morning.

To say the least, LSU fans everywhere were tuned in to hear if Cameron will have total control of the offense.

As expected, Les Miles announced that Steve Kragthorpe will shift to an off-the-field role, while Greg Studrawa will now serve strictly as the offensive line coach.

During his brief comments, Miles said, "This is a move where we are adding and not subtracting."

Cameron, who stated that he's seen every LSU football game in the last eight years, fielded questions for about eighteen minutes.

At the very end, based on the questions asked asked, Cameron admitted, "I can sense some concern, but I don't have any concern. I'm coming in with all ears.  I want these men to teach me why they've been successful so far, and then how can I help build from where we are. Maybe some of you agree or disagree with that, but that's where I am with this whole thing."

One reporter asked, "Do you have the chest to stand up to the head coach when he is the one that's wrong?"

Cameron laughed before saying, "The bottom line is we're all in it together.  Brothers fight like brothers sometimes, but we all know what's the most important thing."

Cameron was very complimentary of Greg Studrawa, who will now serve strictly as the offensive line coach.  He also talked about using Les Miles as a great resource.

"It's always been a team effort.  It's why we win. The head coach has a vision.  He has a vision for how each game needs to be won with all three phases in mind."

Cameron (52) handled the press conference extremely well.

He had it very clear that he wants to learn quickly from Zach Mettenberger everything he knows about football and what he likes and does not like from a schematic point of view.

"I'm all ears at this point.  A guy gets into his 4th or 5th year, there are certain things you like to do.  What does he like most?  And then you talk about why do you like that?  That doesn't mean we're not going to challenge Zach.  We are.  I think you really need his input."

"These kinds of quarterbacks (Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Joe Flacco), you can learn so much from them, especially when they communicate with you at a high level."

"Teaching is the most important thing," said Cameron. "Whatever level we are, we're all teachers. No matter what level we're on, we have to teach."

"It's my job to adapt and adjust and then bring my expertise and blend it to what we're doing."

He added, "We'll build on what we're doing and let it evolve."

"We're going to adapt and adjust to what our best players can do best."

LSU will open spring practice on March 14th.

The Tigers open the 2013 season against TCU in Cowboys Stadium. LSU then returns home to play UAB and Kent State.

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