Video: Notre Dame assistant Tony Alford mic'd up

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Tuesday March 27, 2012

Posted by: Miriam Cresswell on March 27, 2012

Notre Dame's Brian Kelly wasn't afraid to grant Tony Alford an even greater responsibility for the upcoming season. Floyd was selected to coach Kelly's new hybrid position group of running backs and slot receivers.

"Moving to receivers for the past two seasons was great for me personally. Just understanding more position where I can now do both, I feel great," Alford said.

During the squad's fourth spring practice, temperatures were low, but as far as Alford was concerned, energy was high. Luckily, Alford was mic'd up for our enjoyment.

Inside linebacker Kendall Moore found himself the focus of Alford's taunts early on in practice.

"Kendall, I miss you because. I ain't hollered at you in a minute. Now, you don't talk to me anymore," Alford said feigning sadness.

Breathlessly, Alford was quick to yell a few compliments to his players and unashamedly, to himself.

"Damn, Tony, you look like something. Is it you, or is it me coaching? It must be my coaching. It's got to be my coaching," Alford said teasingly.

Although he seemed to enjoy himself throughout practice, Alford never lost focus. He was continually stressing fundamentals.

"Do not put your crown of your head on him. That's how we break a neck. I've never taught it and never will," he preached to his group.

By virtue of Floyd's exuberant word choices, the practice seemed to be a success. Unofficial reports indicate that Floyd might have even set the record for the number of times 'finish' has been yelled in one practice session.

Of note, Floyd was proud of the fight his players displayed throughout practice: "I think the guys are hungry to be back out here. Very energetic."

Even with the day's efficient practice, challenges are sure to come throughout the spring. As Floyd so poignantly stated, there's one thing the Fighting Irish must continue to do in order to reach excellence: "Finish. Finish. Finish."


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